energy with a conscience

Clean Energy Enterprises, Inc. (CEE) is a Delaware Corporation based in Long Beach, California. CEE’s primary mission is to develop a portfolio of technologies to be integrated into turnkey systems to support the creation of environmentally conscious ecosystems, addressing two of the largest challenges the world has to face, Waste Management and Clean Energy delivery. CEE identifies, creates and develops technologies that have a positive impact in creating a cleaner environment globally. The founding technology brick for CEE is the core Waste to Hydrogen process that the company now engineers, builds and sells through Ways2H, CEE’s subsidiary.

Ways2H is a wholly-owned Clean Energy Enterprises subsidiary. Ways2H designs, manufactures and sells small- to medium-scale modular advanced thermochemical conversion plants that transform chemically organic (biogenic and plastic) solid waste streams into hydrogen. This hydrogen can be used as a fuel for clean mobility or to power a Stationary Fuel Cell to generate electricity on site. A Carbon Capture and Mineralization function is integrated into the process, making the solution natively carbon-negative: all the carbone entering the process, after having been used as the energy source, is then sequestered into a mineral output.


Over 2 billion tons of waste is buried annually worldwide into landfills. Landfills are not a sustainable waste processing solution. They are heavy polluters, generating Green House Gasses far more potent than CO2 itself, and also causing harm to underground water sources. Their alternative, incinerators, is not a better solution, being also a source of atmospheric pollution, while consuming external energy to properly destroy the feedstock it is processing.


In addition to the problems caused by the use of fossil energy, the centralized industrial model - key to development in the 20th century - is increasingly challenged. Our world needs versatile, complementary and of cours sustainable energy solutions that are easy to finance, easy to maintain and that can evolve along with technology improvements as well as population changes. We contribute to the development of the internet of energy supply.